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Orinoco Foods is part of the True North Trading family which has been in business since 2010 and has been created for the development of mass consumption brands under the global vision approach. Becoming the preferred product and the most efficient marketer of a valuable portfolio of brands, always focused on adding value for our clients and consumers, offering the best consumption alternatives. Currently, we operate in the entire United States, Canada, and Caribbean, visiting more than 1,500 clients, covering department stores, supermarkets, convenience stores, drugstores, convenience stores, specialized stores and government institutions.

Our Business

Over the years, Orinoco Foods has been evolving in terms of the different models it develops.  Today, it has 2 clearly defined models between the manufacturing and marketing of different products in a defined strategic segment.

  1. Orinoco Foods Brands Model: Those products where OF has total control of the processes of innovation, development, planning, marketing, manufacturing and commercialization of said products in the relevant channels.
  2. Collaboration Models:  Those products where OF collaborates with third party to develop some of the necessary processes to bring said products into the hands of consumer or end user.

Mission, Vision, and Our Values


To be recognized as the best manufacturing and marketing company for high-value brands, being favorite option for our consumers, clients and principals; through an exceptional work environment for the development of our human team.


Develop and market mass consumption products that are profitable and sustainable over time that meets the needs of our consumers, optimizing the use of our resources.


  • Ethics and Integrity
  • Responsibility, respect, and autonomy.
  • Quality and continuous improvement.
  • Equal opportunities
  • Training.
  • Safety, health and environment.

Years on the Market

A quarter of a century of experience!

The Team Behind the Business

Amber Saunders

Amber Saunders

Chief Executive Officer

Sherlyn Mcconnell

Sherlyn Mcconnell

Web Developer

Bethany Elliott

Bethany Elliott


Christian Chubbuck

Christian Chubbuck

Sales Account

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